Monday, 28 April 2014

Collective Make Up Haul

Today's post is one that I've been looking forward to sharing with you all for the past few weeks. During the month of April I definitely got a little carried away 'catching' up with make up purchases that I've been planning on my Wishlist for a while. A lot of cult favourites were purchased!

MAC Soft and Gentle Mineralize Skinfinish (£22)
First up: MAC's Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle. I've been after a powder highlighter for a while and was tossing up between this, NARS Albatross and The Balm Mary-Lou Maniser. In the end I went with MAC since for the price, this highlighter contains the most product. The NARS one seemed a little too light in person however I think I may well purchase The Balm's one at some point in the future :P. Soft and Gentle is a beautiful dimension rosy, bronze champagne which looks lovely against my skintone. Some people may find it a little too obvious but hey, if I wanted to be subtle, I wouldn't wear highlighter at all!

Urban Decay Naked 3 palette (£37)
Quite surprising, my first Naked palette turned out to be the Naked 3. After hearing all about the 3 Naked palettes, I was adamant that the Naked 2 would be my only purchase. Until this month, the Naked 3 was the palette that I was the least keen on since I rarely reach for pink toned eyeshadows. That was until I looked up swatches and looks using the palette and realised how flattering the shades were on brown eyes and Asian skintones. Now that I've used it for 2 weeks, I'm sold. Its really amazing and surprisingly easy to wear. Out of the 12 shades, I'd say there are only 2 true pink shades so if you're on the fence about pink shadows, don't be!

Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette (£22)
I'm slightly ashamed to admit, I made my second Naked palette purchase on the same day as the first palette. Again, I thought for the longest time that I'd skip the Naked Basics since I don't usually reach for matte shades... but something clicked in my head and I realised the Naked Basics was a necessity! I'm so glad I did purchase it since the eyeshadows are perfect for complimenting any all over the lid shade. A lot of eyeshadow palettes don't contain enough matte or brown/black/highlighter shades so by owning the Naked Basics, I can use this in conjunction with all my eyeshadows. Sorted! I don't know why I didn't purchase this sooner!

Inglot 10 Eyeshadow Freedom System Palette (£55)
The last of the eyeshadow palette purchases: my Inglot 10 pan Freedom System palette! I'm super excited about this purchase since I picked out all 10 eyeshadows :D. I went for warm tones on the top row and cool tones on the bottom row. As much as possible I picked eyeshadow shades that I don't currently own which is why the colours might look a little random! So far, I'm really impressed but of course I'll write a review once I've tested them out more :)

The Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist (£10) | Real Techniques Silicone Liner Brush (£5.99)
My last make up purchases are the more boring bits :P. I repurchased my favourite facial mist by The Body Shop. I was going to pick up MAC's Fix Plus but I decided instead to stick with a trusted favourite. I find this facial mist to be perfect for toning my make up down when I've gone a little heavy handed with powder - a powdery face is never a good look! Next I decided to pick up the Real Techniques Silicone liner brush. My first impressions of this aren't that great if I'm honest - I find the silicone doesn't pick up gel liner very well meaning you have to really shove the brush into your gel liner to actually pick up enough product. Hm... we shall see how this works out over the next few weeks though!

Those are all of my April haul items. What have you purchased this month? Have you had any luck with the Real Techniques Silicone liner brush?


  1. gorgeous haul - the Naked 3 palette is so pretty!

    Christina | Passion Obsession

    1. Thanks Christina! The Naked 3 has been my go to palette for the past few weeks :) x

  2. omg! the colours on the Ingot palette are beautiful! im really into all of the colour shades you have there atm. update on how it turns out! I want one too!! xxx

    1. Thanks JJ! I'm currently obsessing over the Naked 3 but soon I'll be testing out the Inglot palette more... of course I'll let you know :D xxx

  3. I'd like to try that face mist! I've got other products from the Vitamin E range that I love :)

    1. The face mist is great! Much more affordable than MAC's Fix + and with better ingredients I believe :). YES! The Vitamin E range is my favourite from the Body Shop x