Friday, 8 March 2013

ELF Studio Baked Eyeshadows

This is the first of my ELF reviews following from my huge ELF haul the other day (link!). Today I'll be reviewing the ELF Studio Baked Eyeshadows that I purchased:
Clockwise from top left: Enchanted, Bark, Toasted & Dusk
There are a total of six shades in the Baked Eyeshadow line available to us in the UK currently - I passed on Pixie and Burnt Plum since pinks and purples don't look the most flattering against my skin tone. 

The shadows are baked shadows meaning they are highly pigmented and shimmery in formulation. The packaging is sleek in my opinion - the domed shape of the eye shadows are very reminiscent of the MAC Mineralised Eyeshadows which I'm very sure is what ELF was going for. I have used MAC Mineralised Eyeshadows before and to be honest they didn't impress me that much - I found them to be way too glittery and chunky, providing more glitter chunks than they did pigment. I found the ELF baked shadows to be fairly finely milled meaning you don't get too much fallout or glitter down your cheeks when I applied them. As with all eyeshadows, I used my Too Faced Shadow Insurance as my eyeshadow primer and found them to last all day - no problems there. Application is very easy - you can use a brush or your fingers. I actually found the colours to apply more pigmented and neatly when using my fingers - I actually quite like applying eyeshadows with my fingers! 

Here are the colours in closer detail:
Shimmery peach/gold champagne - perfect inner corner/ all over lid shade
Shimmery golden brown - perfect all over lid shade
Shimmery taupe/brown - all over for a smokey eye or just in the crease for definition
Shimmery grey/blue - all over for a smokey look or just in the crease for definition
Left to right: Swatches of Enchanted, Bark, Enchanted & Dusk in daylight
Left to right: Swatches of Enchanted, Bark, Toasted & Dusk indoors

Baked products are really effective when applied wet as well. I didn't take any photos of the eyeshadows when swatched wet (sorry!), but I can let you know that they gave a more 'foiled' effect - perfect for when you want your shadows to look even more vibrant. 

Of all the shades that I purchased, Enchanted is my favourite! I'm wondering if some of you may have noticed already... it is a dupe for MAC's Rubenesque Paintpot but in powder form!!! For those of you who aren't already aware, Rubenesque Paintpot is my ALL TIME favourite eyeshadow shade. I use it everyday on my eyelids when I don't have the time to do something more exciting (as a uni student, this is most days!). 
Left to right: ELF's Enchanted, MAC's Rubenesque Paintpot, an unnamed eyeshadow from Stila's Marrakesh Eyeshadow Quad
A while ago I realised that one of the eyeshadows in Stila's Marrakesh Eyeshadow Quad was very similar to MAC's Rubenesque but I have to say... Enchanted is an even better dupe! Here are some swatches of the three side by side:
Left to right: ELF's Enchanted, MAC's Rubenesque & Stila's Marrakesh eyeshadow
Enchanted is practically identical to MAC's Rubenesque whilst the eyeshadow from Stila's Marrakesh Palette is a little lighter and more frosty.

All in all I would highly recommend you to try out some eyeshadows from ELF's Studio Baked line. I'm thoroughly impressed with all the colours I own and can definitely see myself purchasing new colours in the future! 

Have you tried out their other colours Pixie and Burnt Plum? Would you recommend me to try them out?

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