Wednesday, 23 April 2014

My Top Beauty Hacks

This post is definitely different from my usual blogging topics. I realise that the photo for this post looks like some sort of stationary/ arts haul, but actually here are all the items that make my 'beauty' life that little bit easier. Welcome to my beauty hacks post!

Pump dispenser for nail polish
This hack makes removing nail polish so quick and easy to do (one handed as well!). I often find that pouring out nail polish remover onto a cotton pad ends up in too much liquid being dispensed. I know that expensive nail polish brands make pump dispensers of nail polish remover, but instead I purchased the dispenser bottle from eBay for around £1 (link!). Three pumps onto a cotton pad is perfect!

Face cloths for make up application
This isn't quite as it sounds, don't worry, face cloths aren't part of foundation application! Since I use my fingers to tap in concealer and blend out foundation, I like to keep some inexpensive face cloths around so I can wipe my foundation-y fingers onto them. I despise nothing more than watching beauty youtubers wiping their grubby concealer fingers over all their products so I always have to make sure my hands aren't transferring foundation all over the place. Personally white cloths are good in my opinion since you can see when they need to be washed - I simply place them in the dark wash so that the make up doesn't end up on light coloured clothes in the washing machine.

Hole reinforcements as French manicure guides
Is it just me who finds actual French tip nail guides/stickers to be far too straight?! In the quest for an easy to do French manicure, I discovered that hole reinforcements make for perfect nail tip guides! I've heard that some people like to round of cellotape pieces but that's so much effort! Using premade reinforcements is much easier!

Pure acetone and a nail brush for perfect cuticles
I'm fairly confident in my nail polish application skills but every now and then I do end up having a hand spasm resulting in nail polish collecting in my cuticle area. Instead of repainting the entire nail, I go in with a nail brush dipped in pure acetone to clean up the area. I find that this gives the perfect clean cuticle manicure look allowing you to fix any mishaps easily and quickly.

Skinny cellotape for eyeshadow application
This definitely isn't a new trick by any means, but I find its easier to use my neon cellotape since I can easily see that both eyes are even. I've tried using clear cellotape before but always end up with uneven application. I find that skinnier cellotape is a lot easier to work with since it feels more comfortable near the eye area.

Empty jar for custom foundation blends
I always like to keep empty jars handy (this one is an empty MAC paintpot jar) since it allows me to keep custom foundation/BB cream blends. Instead of having to mix your perfect shade every time you apply your make up, its so much easier to mix a little more to store inside a handy jar. This hack has definitely encouraged me to mix up the foundation shades that are too dark/light for me.

Nail wheels for manicure practice
For the past year or so nail wheels have become an essential part of my 'nail kit'. Browsing Pinterest often leads to me getting inspired by nail art and having a nail wheel allows me to create designs using my own polishes so whenever I'm stuck for manicure ideas - I have my own designs to refer to and recreate. I purchase mine from eBay, surprise surprise... (link!).

Those are all of my beauty hacks. Let me know if you'd try any of these out! Sharing is caring :D leave your beauty hacks in the comments below!

Monday, 21 April 2014

V05 Dry Shampoo Comparison

V05 Plump It Up Dry Shampoo | V05 Refresh Me Quick Dry Shampoo
A while ago, I purchased a lot of V05 hair products to test out so today's post will be a review and comparison of the two dry shampoos by V05. Since the packaging is practically identical and the product names vary slightly, I thought it would be a useful post for those of you who are trying to figure out which dry shampoo is for you. I've tested both of these for around 2 months so I'm at the stage where I can happily report my findings!

Plump It Up:
I found Plump It Up to be a little more powdery than the other which makes sense since it promises to give more body and grip to fine hair. I find this dry shampoo did a better job of eradicating oil that the other since the high powder content allows it to really soak up excess oil in the hair. Whilst it is advertised for fine and flat hair, I think if you have fine hair, you may find this product to be a little too heavy. It certainly isn't as powdery as Batiste, but it is powdery enough where if you apply a good amount, you can feel the product in your hair. Scent wise, it is floral and fresh - definitely more subtle than the Refresh Me Quick version. I find the dry shampoo to be pretty invisible even on dark hair - just ensure you shake the can well and spray from about 10cm away.

Refresh Me Quick:
This formula is designed to refresh between washes as opposed to give texture. Personally I prefer the scent of this dry shampoo - it smells sweet like strawberries which I love! The formulation is less powdery than Plump It Up so its better for slightly cleaner hair. I find I'm able to use this on first day hair as well as second day hair without feeling like my hair gets overly powdery. I feel like this formula is better for fine hair since its less powdery and therefore less heavy feeling on the hair. I find that the Plump It Up tends to leave my scalp feeling a little dry because of the high powder content, whereas the Refresh Me Quick doesn't.

In conclusion, I will stick to purchasing the Refresh Me Quick since I find it to feel lighter on the hair and I love the strawberry scent! If you prefer lighter dry shampoos, I'd say go with the Refresh Me Quick, but if you like giving more texture and less scent, go with the Plump It Up :)

Have any of you tried these dry shampoos before? Which do you prefer?

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Not Blogging Everyday, Foundation Break Outs & Revenge

Tofu phone plushie | Freddy bliss | Bachmann's mousse cake
Salmon parmesan spaghetti | Orly Kiss The Bride
HUGE salad | My current make up favourites | Revenge

I definitely had a little giggle to myself when I came up with the title of this week's Diary post - very dramatic indeed! Those of my lovely readers who have been following my blog since the beginning of the year will know that I decided to make the ambitious aim to blog every single day. I've managed to keep up with this goal however recently I've decided that it would be a lot better if I blogged every other day or every few days instead. I'm not going to lie, having a full time job and blogging everyday definitely gets a little tricky. Whilst I love spending time taking photos, editing and producing content for my blog, I sometimes feel like it ends up taking up the majority of my weekends too! For now I don't want to restrict myself by setting up a blogging schedule or anything like that, but I'll be aiming to post at least twice a week :).

This week marked the third week of working full time and along with that came a make up revelation... Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation breaks me out!!! My skin has been a horror :O. I've never actually worn foundation religiously on my face for 3 weeks in a row, for 10 hours per day - so I guess I've never given any foundation an opportunity to break me out, but my gosh did this foundation make my skin unhappy >__<. I realised my skin texture was changing since I was getting a lot of bumpiness going on on my cheeks (which I never have an issue with) as well as a lot of random dry patches all over my face. For the past few days I reverted back to BB cream and within 3 days the bumps disappeared. Its official - I will never wear foundation daily again!

This week I've been absolutely obsessing over my new MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle, as well as my Naked Basics palette. Gosh, both of them are absolute perfection and actually make me excited to get ready in the morning - is that sad?! A sad discovery is that Orly Kiss The Bride is one of the worst nail polishes that I've ever tried. The colour is stunning but the formulation is sheer, takes forever to dry and peels off within 2 days of wear - absolute waste of money!

I've finally finished watching Season 3 of Gossip Girl (that was on my to do list for this month!) and before starting season 4 I decided that I'd catch up with Revenge. A lot of colleagues have been chatting about Revenge (the TV show of course :P) so I really want to get up to speed! So far I'm on S3E14 so only another 8 until I'm all caught up. If you don't watch the show already, I highly recommend you to watch it! The plot is extremely gripping and the actors are brilliant.

This weekend Mamasaur and Dadasaur purchased a cake from Bachmann's - their strawberry mousse cake with the biscuit base. I ate this back in February when it was my birthday and I'm so pleased they decided to splash out this weekend :D. Aside from cake, I've been gorging on sundried tomato and seafood spaghetti (my favourite!) and 'salad'. I say 'salad' since I don't think its the healthiest salad out there - I like too overload it with dressing and coleslaw :P.

As for a dose of cute - look at little Freddy blissfully sleeping and check out my tofu plushie! I purchased it as a home for my iPhone! 

I hope you enjoyed this post and are enjoying the long Easter weekend. What have you guys been up to?